Anxiety and Stress Relief During Covid-19

In 2020, researchers called for better monitoring of mental health during the pandemic as part of our global response to the virus.  In fact, surges in the use of anti-anxiety supplements and meds along with immune building products has been seen on a global scale.  One natural product has seen an amazing jump in popularity last year, CBD.  


From frontline workers to homeschooling, being confined, quarantined, socially distant and consistently threatened by a virus, many are turning to the potential therapeutic CBD products that we've all heard about or seen advertisements for.  Not to mention the threat of losing loved ones and our jobs.  


At Aromatic Infusions, we've noticed an increase in health workers using CBD & CBG products on their days off for stress relief and sleep support while using it on a daily basis for pain and inflammation relief.  With the FDA finally recognizing CBD as a medicine, its clinically proven benefits are increasing and the number of FDA approved CBD medications are positioned to increase substantially.  This takes CBD from the anecdotal to the clinically proven which will only increase this natural healer’s popularity.


From panic attacks, PTSD, insomnia and depression, CBD is gaining traction even with those who typically do not prefer natural alternatives.  In states where CBD has been around a bit longer they are successfully using CBD for drug addiction, it may even help with cravings and anxiety from opiate withdrawal.  This would be welcome here in Acadiana where the opiate epidemic has really taken hold.


With Louisiana now in the hemp growing game, it's imperative that locals understand what hemp and CBD is and where their products are being made.  In 2020, every single bottle of CBD sold in Louisiana, with the exception of Aromatic Infusions, was grown and manufactured in another state.  With over 60 hemp farmers in 2020 and more to come in 2021, we must educate ourselves and ask the questions that matter when purchasing these products.  There is no reason why Louisiana CBD companies cannot buy local raw products from our local farmers.  


The next time you are in the market for CBD you need to ask:

  • Is it state approved?
  • Can I see the lab test results?
  • Is it grown in Louisiana?


If the answer to all three of these questions is not a confident YES!!! then walk away.  You have a better option out there!!




For more info on CBD or to purchase Louisiana grown CBD & CBG products go to or call 337-573-7024

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