It is overwhelming! The CBD craze! Everyone is talking about CBD. They say it does amazing things for everything and everyone, is it true? Is it the modern-day Snake oil that has gotteneveryone gleefully blindfolded in a game of Russian roulette?   Why are we only learning about this now?   Th...
  • How and where is Aromatic Infusions' CBD made?

    Knowing where and how your CBD is made is very important.  So let's jump in and see how Aromatic Infusions produces Louisiana's #1 homegrown CBD products.  As Louisiana laws get less restrictive, we are constantly expanding our manufacturing processes to include all of our CBD products.  Great C...
  • What Is CBG? Everything You Need to Know About Cannabigerol

    What are Cannabinoids? What is CBG? 

    Now that the FDA has acknowledged the medicinal value in CBD, clinical studies have ramped up considerably on the cannabis plant, including hemp. There have been over 100 cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant but a few well-known and some not so well-known are worth paying attention to. THC is the famous cannabinoid that gets you high if taken in high enough doses while CBD, almost as popular, has its own therapeutic benefits without the side effect of being intoxicated. But another other heavily studied cannabinoids CBG shows much promise.