About Aromatic Infusions

Education, commitment, and faith have given Aromatic Infusions a firm position in the advancement of essential oils within the United States. Our process of searching for the most powerful and purest oils extracted by the worlds finest artisanal distillers is our first step to provide a means for honest, hardworking people to obtain the best essential oils available at a fair price. We have rigorous standards and our protocol includes GC/MS testing by a third party, a professional COA(certificate of analysis), FCC approval by the USP, and most importantly knowing the distillers and their practices personally.  

     At Aromatic Infusions, we sell 100% pure and natural essential oils with zero synthetic chemicals, zero additives, and zero adulterants.  Every single oil at Aromatic Infusions is not handled by an assembly line or massive machine, but instead our staff in a small but efficient production lab.  And that's the way we like it!  

Our Mission

To provide therapeutic and natural oils of the highest quality to all who need it.  Purity is our code, truth, and education is our commitment.

Our Vision

By building their knowledge people can make informed decisions about their health.