CBD 3rd Party Lab Tests

See below for the Lab Tests that match your bottle!

 Raw Isolate:

CBD 250

CBD 500

 CBD 1000

CBD 2500

Entourage 2000

CBD Relief Salve

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum 250

Broad Spectrum 500

Broad Spectrum 1000

Broad Spectrum 2500

Broad Spectrum 5000

FSO Soft Gels

Full Spectrum Softgels

CBC Daytime Gummies

CBN Nighttime Gummies

Full Spectrum-Mother Distillate

Full Spectrum 250

Full Spectrum 500

Full Spectrum 1000

Full Spectrum 2500

Full Spectrum 5000


Virgin Hemp Farms Entourage 2000

Virgin Hemp Farms CBD Relief Salve

Virgin Hemp Farms Broad Spectrum 1000

Virgin Hemp Farms Full Spectrum 1000

Virgin Hemp Farms Full Spectrum 2500