How and where is Aromatic Infusions' CBD made?

Knowing where and how your CBD is made is very important.  So let's jump in and see how Aromatic Infusions produces Louisiana's #1 homegrown CBD products.  As Louisiana laws get less restrictive, we are constantly expanding our manufacturing processes to include all of our CBD products.  Great CBD starts with great hemp, grown right here in Youngsville, LA.  After growing the hemp, the next step is to get it state tested and certified.  That state certified hemp then goes through an alcohol extraction process to remove all of the valuable oils from the plant.  This is called ethanol cryoextraction and produces a product called CBD crude.  


That crude oil is then taken through a process called Short Path Distillation.

Short path distillation utilizes an apparatus with a multi-position receiver and condensing head. This process is very limited in scale and production, but can produce high-quality distillate with an experienced operator.

Crude oil is heated in a boiling flask with a magnetic stirrer. The condensing head is jacketed and requires a recirculating chiller to cool the condensing head to condense the cannabinoid vapor back into a liquid form.

The compounds are then separated through slow thermal heating with precise and controlled temperatures. As you slowly raise the boiling flask temperature, you will get multiple fractions of the distillation—the higher you go, the different compounds you will be distilling, starting with highly volatile terpenes or solvent leftover at lower temperatures. Raising the temperature will create a new compound/fraction, and the multi-position receiving flask can be adjusted to collect the different fractions into different receiving flasks.

A short path will typically have 3 fractions—heads (terpenes and high volatiles), main body (THC/CBD), and tails (high boiling point cannabinoids).

This produces a product called CBD distillate.
    short path distillation diagram
This distillate is then manufactured into our final retail and wholesale products :
  • CBD full spectrum oil
  • CBD broad spectrum oil
  • CBD softgels
  • CBD salve
  • CBG products
As CBD companies become more experienced the need for major extraction companies is slowly fading.  Companies are now vertically integrated, growing, processing, and manufacturing their own goods.  The need for extraction companies has ended which means a lower cost to the end user.
Together with Virgin Hemp farms and Virgin Xtracts, Aromatic Infusions is your one stop shop for all things CBD including growing hemp, extraction services, and white labeling your own state approved products.

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