CBD Buying Tips

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CBD Buying Tips

Recently a gentleman brought in a bottle of “CBD” he purchased online, he was curious about it because the label looked very similar to that of other CBD bottles but he didn’t see the words CBD anywhere on the bottle. After doing a little research on the bottle it became apparent that the bottle he held was nothing more than pressed hemp seed oil being marketed using the same techniques that are used in the CBD industry. While the bottle did look misleading and used misleading verbiage, they are technically not doing anything illegal. Immoral, but not illegal.


Due to the lack of regulations in today’s CBD industry there are an enormous amount of “fake CBD” bottles on the market. Today we will be going over a few tips and tricks on how to not get duped into buying an overpriced bottle of hemp seed oil, which does have great benefits for the human body, just not the ones that most are expecting when purchasing CBD.



Tips For Verifying Quality of CBD

  1. Certificates of Analysis
    1. The first thing you should look for when purchasing CBD is a Certificate of Analysis.
    2. A Certificate of Analysis will show all the cannabinoids that are in the bottle and the potency of these cannabinoids. Most reputable CBD companies will have these readily available on their website or are willing to provide one to you.
    3. We recommend scanning over the document and verifying a few things:
      1. Locate the company’s name that you are purchasing from on the Certificate
      2. Locate the level of CBD on the Certificate and verify that the amount is on the bottle (most testing companies provide the CBD potency on a mg/mL scale, so a bottle of 1000mg should test at about 33.3mg/mL)
    4. If the company does not provide a Certificate on their website and they are not willing to give you a copy, then they most likely do not sell a pure CBD product.
  2. Keywords
    1. Look for keywords on the bottle to ensure that the bottle you purchased contains CBD.
    2. Some Keywords to look for are:
      1. CBD
      2. Cannabidiol
      3. Hemp Cannabinoid Extract
      4. Full Spectrum
      5. Isolate
      6. Broad Spectrum
      7. If the bottle you purchased do not contain any of these words, it is most likely a bottle of hemp seed oil that is being marketed in the same way that CBD is.
  1. The Company makes Major Health Claims
    1. If the company you are purchasing from claims that their products will “Cure” a specific disease or illness, the company is not a reputable company.
    2. It is immoral and unethical for any company selling CBD to claim that their product will cure any disease or illness because there is not enough evidence out there to state this as a fact.
    3. Instead look for company’s that use these types of phrasing:
      1. Our CBD has been proven to help with ________.
      2. Our CBD may aid in the management of these symptoms.
      3. We have had many customers report that CBD has helped them with these symptoms.
  1. Extremely High Doses
    1. Most adults need about 15-30mg of CBD per day to see satisfactory result from using CBD.
    2. If you see a bottle that offers 5,000mg, 10,000mg, or 20,000mg and it is not priced at over $200, then it is most likely a fake bottle. These companies stole this marketing technique from the CBD industry and make it seem as if they are offering a ridiculous deal.

If you have any questions about the purity of a product that you have purchased, or if you have any questions about our products, email CBD@aromaticinfusions.com or call our store at 1-337-573-7024.

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