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With every new year, we make plans to detox and start better habits. So starting a detoxification is always a great way to rid toxins from your system and start introducing healthy lifestyle habits. We will highlight a few way to use these oils in the new year! NAHA guidelines state that you should only use Essential oils internally under the guidance of a Medical Doctor or Certified Aromatherapist. Top 10 Oils for Detoxing 1. Lemon Lemon stimulates white blood cells to defend against infection, its detoxifying and regenerating properties are beneficial to the liver, brings clarity of mind and...

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What is an AromaDiffuser? An aroma diffuser is a device that uses ultrasonic waves to infuse your air with the therapeutic properties of the essential oil of your choice. You should NEVER put your essential oil in a device that uses heat. It destroys the oil's therapeutic properties. Why do I need an AromaDiffuser? By infusing the therapeutic properties of essential oil in the air, you are directly inhaling it. Your mucus membranes will they travel through the blood stream and nerve pathways to your brain. Your brain controls your emotions, directs your mood/thoughts, and controls your immune system function....

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