Why people choose Aromatic Infusions CBD over others...

#1 Best potency, no added preservatives or flavorings.

Our CBD is %99.98 pure with absolutely ZERO additives.  Whether it's a Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) or our super popular Isolate (ISO), what your getting is purity.  If you're looking for candy flavorings and corn syrup additives, we can't help you.  We try to focus on the therapeutic side of things and stay away from the novelty aspect.  What we can promise you is the best CBD possible and the strongest potencies allowed.


#2 Louisiana's 1st and most knowledgable CBD manufacturer.

Thats right !!!  We don't just sell some company's CBD.  We've been extracting, isolating, winterizing, processing, distilling, and manufacturing CBD for over 5 years!!!!  Why buy from some internet company you will never hear from again or some gas station that bought bulk and is reselling to you?  Seriously, wouldn't you rather go to the source?  To the guys growing the hemp?  


#3 We Grow Hemp !!!!

Yes, we grow hemp in Utah and will soon be growing hemp in Louisiana in 2020.  This is true seed to sell.


#4 Best Price.

Our prices are EXTREMELY competitive.  Why, because we make it. Period.


#5 We Focus on CBD Education.

If you know Aromatic Infusions, then you know we focus on education.  From CBD classes to guest speakers, we are on the forefront of CBD education and information.  The more people know the truth and can identify a solid product the easier it is for us to help our customers heal and stay healthy.


#6 Transparency !!!

Tours of our production lab, free consultations, and 3rd party Lab Tests on ALL of the items we sell.  With tools like this you can know for a fact that what you are getting is what you paid for.



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  • Posted by Bonnie Hebert on

    The best products and service!!!!! Using these products I haven’t been sick with a cold, sinus, flu or any other ailments.
    Thank you Aromatic Infusions.

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