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Earth Day Fest
Free Festival Benefiting Youngsville Middle School Garden Project
Aromatic Infusions is hosting a free festival celebrating Earth Day and fundraising for a garden at Youngsville Middle School.
The festival will be held at Aromatic Infusions, located at 514 Lafayette St. Youngsville. on April 22. The festival will start at 10am and end at 4pm. Admission is free. There will be workshops, children activities,  garden tours, talks about natural living, crafts, and the food truck, Big Juicy BBQ.
Our workshops will teach our festival goers how to compost with critters, how to make all natural cleaning products, baking at home with herbs, and how to use herbal food as natural medicine. All natural baked goods will also be sold at the festival. Charles Kountz, owner of Aromatic Infusions, will be giving gardens tours and talks about living a more holistic life style. Craft stations will be set up for children to make kid friendly, recycled planters.  Other children activities include a Fun Jump and face painting.
Aromatic Infusions will be open for business and will host other local vendors selling their goods. The Beet Juice bar will be selling their cold press juices and Patti Howell, The Beet’s holistic health consultant will be speaking the benefits of juicing.
Aromatic Infusions is currently selling Earth Day diffuser bracelets. The proceeds of the bracelets along with a portion of the sales made at the Festival, and festival donations will  go directly to benefit the Youngsville Middle School garden.
Earth Day Fest will be an annual event in Youngsville, and Aromatic Infusions wants to be apart of the community and help the Youngsville Middle School start a school garden and help teach our younger generations how to be eco-friendly.
About Aromatic Infusions
Aromatic Infusions is an essential oil company specializing in pure, organic, hand-crafted products. We are involved in every step of the process from soil to shelf.  We source the plant matter from sustainable sources and where the plants grows best. Aromatic Infusions is located in Youngsville, LA. To learn more visit or call us at 337.573.7024