ADHD Roller Vial

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Said to calm the anxieties of ADHD and help to improve focus & mental clarity. This blend is both calming and grounding for those suffering with ADHD and the symptoms that may accompany it.

TO USE: Apply behind the ears, down the spine, and on the achilles tendon.


Oils in this Blend:

FrankincenseIt's high sesquiterpene levels cause an increase in the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells of the body. This in turn makes Frankincense emotionally uplifting and reduces the heart rate and blood pressure during moments of tension. It may also reduce anxiety and depression.

Clary SageClary Sage is very uplifting and brings a joyful feeling when inhaled. It decreases agitation and creates a feeling of sensory connection for those who suffer with feelings of disconnect.

Ylang Ylang: The essential oil of ylang ylang possesses sedative properties that are characterized by the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate. Ylang ylang focuses our attention and encourages feelings of contentment.

Vetiver: The relaxing and calming effects of vetiver oil help children and adults combat ADHD & ADD symptoms. It is grounding, calming, stress relieving, and tension taming. It balances mood and promotes sleep which can be an issue for many suffering with ADHD.

Lavender: Lavender increases concentration and focus. It eases stress levels and calms the mind. Lavender also helps with restlessness, depression, and anxiety.


Cautions: Always consult a physician or Certified Aromatherapist before using if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any special medical conditions. Keep away from children and store in a cool dark space. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

Customer Reviews

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Jen Lancaster

We love this roller ball for my daughter during school

Amber Domingue

I still did not receive the rollers as of today.

Kendra Menard

Even my son swears it helps him calm at school !

Love it

Nice smell. This blend is great