Birch Essential Oil 15ml

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  • $ 14.99

As many are aware there has been relatively little or no genuine sweet Birch essential oil available in recent years. Aromatic Infusions has found a source and is now offering the only 100% pure Birch essential oil in the world. Birch essential oil contains the compound methyl salicylate, found in aspirin. Because of this, it is commonly used for reducing the severity of a headache.

Improves circulatory system.

Reduces fevers.

Helps reduce toxins & infections.

Great anti-inflammatory.


Topically, 50/50 with a carrier, or stronger if they can handle it. Skin test recommended.

To help with improving the circulatory system, you can apply topically to an area in need of circulation (when people's hands and feet get cold easily, they might have poor circulation).
Can be used as massage oil for someone needing better circulation. Also people who work out could benefit from better circulation.

birch contains:
salicylic acid = astringent and acne cleaner
methyl salicylate = pain reliever, natural aspirin

Can be used to aid in hair growth. You can add 1-3 drops in your conditioner to help clean out and around the hair follicle to increase hair growth. Also you could just add it to a carrier to do a diy hair growth serum and wash it out. 


Customer Reviews

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Bobby Cole
Birch leaves a great outdoors atmosphere

I like mixing it with Cedarwood also. The two leave the place smelling so fresh


I mixed birch essential oil with coconut oil & put in rollerball bottle to use on my aches & pains— it helps give me relief- I love this oil & smells great

Headache Relief

I put 6-7 drops of Birch Oil with a Carrier Oil in a Veggie Cap every morning and I have reduced the number of headaches I get tremendously! I love this oil!

Lorna Castille

Only place I can find this wonderful oil.

kristine Handy
True and rich scent

Very good quality