What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are derived from plant matter such as herbs citrus, flowers, and even trees. There are several ways to procure these oils, but at Aromatic Infusions we use low pressure steam distillation. This is the most efficient way to gather the oils while retaining their valuable therapeutic compounds.

Essential oils contain the true essence or "lifeblood" of the plant it was derived from—it even acts as the plants immune system in some cases. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with responsibility.

All essential oils are not created equal. At Aromatic Infusions, we are able to personally handle each individual bottle. We fill, seal, inspect, test, and serve each and every oil that leaves our shop. We are a Certified Product of Louisiana and our oils are Food Chemical Codex (FCC) approved — proving the highest levels of Therapeutic Quality that is unparalleled.


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