Energy Blend 15ml

This blend is specially formulated to combat mental fatigue and improve concentration. It is ideal for the morning time and mid-day fatigue, traveling, studying, before/after a workout, or any time you need an extra boost.

*RosemaryHelps overcome mental fatigue and improves mental clarity and focus. It is also excellent for memory.

*Lemon: Invigorating, promotes clarity of thought and purpose, lifts mood and fights depression.

*Bergamot: Has mood-lifting qualities and helps combat anxiety, reduces nervous tension associated with stress, and stimulates dopamine and serotonin production.

*Black PepperStimulating, energizing, and empowering. Black pepper also encourages alertness, mental clarity and focus.

*Pine: Relieves mental and physical fatigue, revitalizes mind, body, and spirit. Also, has an empowering yet grounding aroma.

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