Frankincense Bath Salt

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Our Aromatic Infusions bath salts are a wonderful blend of Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, dendritic salt, magnesium, and Pink Himalayan salt. After merging the salts, we then add essential oils to the blend for added skin benefits and an exquisite aromatic experience.

Dead Sea Salt plays a major role in replenishing the body after rigorous exercise, increasing circulation, and relieving muscle stiffness and soreness. Dead Sea salt includes a balance of potassium, calcium chloride, magnesium, and bromides.

Epsom Salt induces relaxation while assisting nerve function and reducing inflammation. It also helps rid the body of toxins, provides remedy for numerous skin conditions, and relieves aches and pains. It also slows the aging of the skin, allows increased nutrient absorption, and quickens the healing of wounds. It is great for people with acne, eczema, or other skin conditions such as psoriasis. It may also lend relief to anyone suffering with poison ivy.

Dendritic Salt holds the aroma of the essential oils and reduces clumping in the salt blend.

Pink Himalayan Salt nourishes skin to improve the appearance and texture. It contains about 84 essential minerals. Himalayan salt is also great at reducing stress, supporting respiratory health, and can even help to regulate one's sleep.


Bath Salts with 100% pure and natural Frankincense serrata essential oil is one of our most cherished bath salts.  This version of Frankincense has a high amount of Boswellia acid in it.  This acid gives Frankincense its cancer fighting properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits that are truly unparalleled.  It has been proven to stop the spread of cancer cells in several studies and it is used in many countries as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).  Frankincense also supports healthy skin!!  It’s been used in cosmetics for everything from age spots to tightening of the skin.  We consider it to be a great oil to soak in the tub with and to apply on the skin with body butters and carrier oils.  Boswellia serrata is an immune system builder and has been used extensively in the fight against prostate cancer.  This is a well-rounded Bath Salt that everyone should try!!

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Kristine Cuthkelvin
Frankincense salt

I really love this salt. I will be getting more.

Great for menstrual cramps

We were advised to try this bath salt in a soaking bath to help reduce great

Sandy Credeur

Love my bath salts after a long day