Valentine’s Day Gifts

A guide to the perfect gift for someone special.

Monthly Aromatherapy Subscription Box
Presence Essential Oil Blend 15ml
Presence Roller Vial
Pure Sandalwood Body Butter
Presence Aromatherapy Spray
Presence Body Butter
Love-Him Blend 15 mL
Sandalwood Bath Salt
Sandalwood Rose Soap
Love Her Blend 15 mL
Love Her Body Butter
Beard Oil
Love-Her Bath Salt
Sandalwood Incense Soap
Indian Sandalwood Roller Vial
Love-Her Aromatic Bath Bomb
Love-Her Roller Vial
Beard Balm-Kisatchie
Love-Him Body Butter
Presence Body Massage Oil
Love-Him Blend Roller Vial
Lavender Gift Basket
Love-Him Aromatic Bath Bomb
Love-Her Aromatherapy Spray